Thursday, January 24, 2008

Chorus - An Hymn to Dionysus


Let us dance now for Bakkhios
Let us now cry aloud
The disaster that's befall'n
Pentheus the serpent's son

Who in a flowing lady's
Dress with a trusted fennel-rod
Skips flow’ry off to Hades . . .

Oh daughters of Kadmos,
You've built up your far-flung
Fame and turned it into
Grief, into tears

But blessed is the sport, to throw
A child’s hand dripping in blood.

But I see Pentheus' mother Agauve rushing
to the house, her eyes rolling wild.
(enter Agauve)
Accept this revelband of the joyful crying god.
(hands her headband)


Bacchants of Asia!
Ch: Why do you call on me, woman?
ΑG: We come bearing in from the

mountains a newly-cut tendril
and a victorious hunt!
Ch: I see & welcome you, fellow Bacchant.

ΑG: I caught this young lion without any
meshes, as you can see.
Ch: Where, in the forest?

ΑG: On Kithairon
Ch: Kithairon?
ΑG: And killed him.

Ch: Who hit him first?
ΑG: The honor was mine;
Ma-care Agauve, am I call'd in thiasoi.

Ch: Anyone else?
ΑG: Kadmos'...
Ch: Kadmos?

ΑG: daughters,
his daughters killed it with me! And it was a
glorious hunt;

have now your share of the feast.
Ch: What shall I take, suffering?
ΑG: Young, the bull's cheek has just

started to sprout a new growth
of hair along its chin. (strokes head-pike)
Ch: Yes, and its hair makes it look even more fearsome.

ΑG: Oh, Bacchios was the hunter, wise
one who wisely turned the tide
of Maenads on the beast.

Ch: The lord is a hunter?
ΑG: Do you praise him?
Ch: Yes I do.

ΑG: Soon the Kadmeians...
Ch: Even your son Pentheus?
ΑG: He's going to be so impressed, that his Mot-

her caught & kill'd this lion-hearted
prey. Ch: Amazing
ΑG: Incredibly.

Ch: Are you pleased?
ΑΓ: I'm ecstatic.

Χ & Α: Fantastical, shining a-
chievements have been
accomplished by this kill.

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